Dulfy’s Guild Bounty Guide

Possible Guild Bounty Tool

I’ve written up a basic guide for us here:

Here is how it works:

- Guild Bounties have 3 Tiers.

- Tier 1 has 2 targets, Tier 2 has 3 targets, and Tier 3 has 6.

- Target choice is random, and are chosen as soon as it activates.

- Each Tier lasts 15 minutes, meaning time is of the essence.

- Apart from 2 or 3 of the targets, all targets roam a specific path of a map. There are 15 total.

- As a result, we want to TRACK the targets before activating the bounty, giving us enough time to get there and kill them.

This is how we do it:

- If possible, get 15+ people online, both TROD and BEER.

- Organise into teams, labelled Team 1, 2 and 3.

- Said teams take the appropriate targets from here.

- Team 1 takes 1-5, Team 2 takes 6-10, Team 3 takes 11-15.

- The teams decide who in their team will take which target.

- If there are more than 15 players, extra players should go to one of the harder targets and help (Sotzz the Scallywag, Prisoner 1141, Teesa etc.).

- Try to find your targets with help from the Dulfy maps (go the opposite way to the routes to find them quicker).

- Once found, tell your group. The team leaders will notify Guild chat with 2/5 for Team 1, or 4/5 for Team 3 etc.

- Keep tracking them until people are ready. Here is where it gets tricky…

Starting the Bounties:

- We want to find as many targets as possible BEFORE activating the Bounty. However, OTHER guilds can attack the targets if they are hunting them.

- If killed, the target will respawn immediately, but somewhere else along their path. You will have to hunt them again.

- As such, we don’t want to waste time finding 1 or 2 more targets if the majority of us have found our targets and other guilds are also following them.

- Once activated, the targets appear in the Guild window under Missions. We will also announce them in Guild Chat.

- We take the top target on the list first, unless we haven’t found it – At which point the next one we have found on the list is targeted.

- Whoever is tracking the current targets stays with them, and pings (Ctrl Click or Shift Click) the nearest Waypoint and gives a direction (i.e.: South of [Beacon's Waypoint], or ping a nearby Point of Interest.

- Everyone jumps to there, kills the target as fast as possible. At this point whoever is tracking the other targets DOES NOT transport – We need to keep track of the other targets!

- As soon as the target is dead, the next tracker pings the location of the 2nd target, everyone travels there, and murder them (the target, not the tracker).

Let the Hunt Begin!